Friday, August 24, 2007

Woes of the Core


Well, who honestly didn't see this coming? We all called this one over two years ago when Microsoft announced their inane decision to release a 360 package without a hard drive. If anything, this is good news for me. I own a 360 with a hard drive, and if a game can benefit from using the added hardware, I'm all for developers doing what they need to do to make their game the best it can be. However, this is a huge "screw you" to the people who bought a core unit, and haven't invested in a hard drive for whatever reason.

Microsoft used to say it was for the "casual crowd" who didn't "want to go online with their games." Now, Grand Theft Auto IV, a game in a series that everybody fucking plays regardless of whether they are "casual" or not, could possibly require the hard drive? Good job making yourself look like jackasses, Microsoft. Also, what's up with the core's price drop? The Elite and the Premium both saw a $50 drop, the core only dropping $30, so a premium unit is only $80 more than the core. Why not just go ahead and phase the core out?


For the record, this is my favorite quote any company has ever released, besides "Brawl comes out December 3rd."

'Every game will work with every Xbox 360 system...But just like some games will require you to have a Memory Unit to save games, some games will require you to have a Hard Drive to experience them' -Microsoft


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